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    Trusted by Elon Musk

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    A marketing plan in minutes.

    Our AI-powered marketing plan generator helps you create a customized plan tailored to your business needs.


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    We use cutting-edge AI technology, developed by leading AI research labs. Yes, we are an OpenAI wrapper.

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    Your AI marketing plan will be generated in seconds. And you'll become instantly rich.

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    Do marketing. Get money.

    There is no price on sales. But there is a price on our services.

    Social Media Guru

    For those who think Likes and Followers are the key to success.



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    • AI-generated social media posts
    • 1-click posting to all platforms
    • Unlimited likes and followers (mostly bots)
    • Influencer status (in your dreams)
    • Complimentary selfie stick

    Marketing Maverick

    For those who think outside the box (and often get fired).



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    • AI-generated marketing plans
    • Unlimited creative ideas (mostly stolen from others)
    • Priority support (we'll pretend to care)
    • Complimentary marketing jargon dictionary
    • Guru status (in your own mind)


    For those who think they can do it all (but can't).



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    • All features from the app
    • Unlimited access to our coffee machine
    • Complimentary 'World's Okayest CEO' mug
    • Priority support (we'll try to tolerate you)
    • Lifetime supply of buzzwords

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    John Doe
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    I was blown away by the quality of the work delivered.

    Jane Smith
    CTO, DEF Inc.

    This is by far the best solution I have ever used.

    Bob Johnson
    Founder, GHI Inc.
    You should buy our product.

    (please, so I can pay rent)

    If you buy our product, and every other person buys it too, then I would be set for life. So please, do, otherwise, I have to work a 9-5.

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